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Roblox is the worlds largest social platform for play.

You can buy Roblox Game Cards at many local retailers as well as their online stores, such as Target or Walmart.

Roblox doesnt have inventory records for specific areas or stores. Dont hesitate to contact your local store for more information. If they dont currently sell Roblox Game Cards, be sure to ask them to do so in the future!

Typically, they are available in three denominations: $10, $25 and $40. However, certain retailers may have another denomination available. For example, Walmart has a $50 card. Game Stop carries a game card that you can add any amount you would like between $10-$100.

You can add as many cards to your Roblox account as you want. Youll see your Roblox Credit balance go up as you redeem more cards. You can then use this credit to purchase Robux or Builders Club.

Roblox used to sell game cards at some retailers that redeemed for specific products such as several months of Builders Club or Robux. We have since discontinued this type of card, but you may still find one while you are out shopping. These cards will still work, but they will now redeem for credit equal to the value of the card in United States Dollars.

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