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Shell Gift Cards and Shell Refillable Gift Cards can be used at Shell locations throughout the U.S., except territories. Shell locations include all Shell gasoline stations, Shell convenience stores and associated car washes. The card may be used at the pump or inside for convenience items and automotive products and services. If card balance falls below one dollar, pay at the pump may not be possible, in which case contact the station cashier to access balance or call the number printed on the card for assistance.

The Shell Gift Card and Shell Refillable Gift Cards can be redeemed for gasoline, auto supplies, food/snacks, car washes and other items at Shell stations.

For the Shell Gift Card, once the card is depleted, simply throw it away. For the Shell Refillable Gift Card, you may add additional value – up to $300 total value to your card on this website – click here.

There are 2 types of Shell Gift Cards. If your gift card has Refillable printed on the front it can be reload with value up to $300. To add value to your Shell Refillable Gift Card – click here. If your gift card does not say Refillable on the front, it cannot be reloaded and once depleted can be thrown away.

There is a minimum of $25 and a maximum card value of $300.

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